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Charcuterie Product of the Year 2021

3 Star Great Taste Award 2021
Great Taste 2021 Charcuterie Product Of the Year
Great Taste 2 Star Award
chipotle coppa

Whole Pieces - No-nonsense Flavour

If you’d prefer to slice your own fresh whether it be in front of the customer or to cut to your own specification then this is a good option for you. You’ll notice that the price for wholesale charcuterie in whole-piece format is the cheaper option. Depending on the product it will either be provided in a natural casing covered in beneficial penicillin or decades and vacuum packed to seal in all the goodness. If you’re looking for the best quality wholesale charcuterie that has been hand crafted simply fill out the form below and lets chat.

Slicing your own is a fantastic way to add a little theatre to your business, whilst being able to chat to the customer. All pieces are different shapes and sizes, no two pigs are the same! You’re order will be rounded to the nearest sized pieces we have available. This option also provides the most margin too, and there’s less plastic waste too! Our artisan charcuterie is considered some of the best charcuterie uk.  Wholesale Charcuterie

Pre-packed - Visually Stunning

The pre-packed wholesale charcuterie option is slightly more expensive than the whole-piece option, we we pack the product onto boards and vacuum pack which give them an eight week shelf life. The product is very visual too, the meat is clearly visible. Our packaging is deliberately basic, we don’t feel that providing a glitzy box which inevitably goes straight into the recycling to be good for the environment nor your the customers wallet!

This is a good option if you don’t have a professional slicer, the wholesale charcuterie that is pre-packed  also feature labelling that allow the customer to see all of the ingredients and what they get for the price it’s displayed at, clear identification of the cut of the animal and clearly displayed allergens. This format allows the consumer to see any awards the product has too.

If you have consumers that are conscious about packaging and the environment then our whole piece wholesale charcuterie option might be your better choice. We only say this because our vacuum packed products use single use plastics, we don’t like this but there’s no alternatives that are suitably priced. Some of the products are ambient shelf stable so won’t require refrigeration, however it’s always best to store them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat them, it also seems to site with the consumer better if they see meat refrigerated. Please ask, we can let you know which products require refrigeration or are shelf stable. 

pre-packed charcuterie

Truly Exquisite

We are thrilled to stock not only this years charcuterie product of the year, but a product that is hand crafted less than a mile away from us. A truly exquisite product that is worthy of its award!


Our Product Range

‘Charcuterie Product of the Year 2021’ A mildly spiced Coppa that has a hint of smokiness.

Utilising the spent botanicals from a local distillery, the added flavour from the Dry Gin is absolutely divine.

Mildly spiced pepperoni, this is the ultimate pizza topping. Great in pasta dishes too.

Using Pinot Noir From Welcombe Hills vineyard in Stratford upon Avon – This is a delicious and uncomplicated charcuterie.

‘Nduja’ but from the UK Midlands… This is our rendition of the spreadable salami from Calabria.

The traditional Coppa, dry cured pork loin with generous flavour of fennel and juniper.

Traditional Tuscan flavours and techniques we learnt from the Garfagnana mountain region of Tuscany.

Cured and dried pig jowl, the true ingredient for a Roman style carbonara. When authenticity counts!

Spanish style fermented paprika sausage. Our Chorizo is not spicy, has high quality pork, garlic and paprika flavour.

Almost zero fat in these cured Pork tenderloins, a very umami flavour from the deep ‘porkiness’ of the muscle.

Italian cured bacon, belly that has undergone curing with aromatic herbs and spices.

Rich, sour notes give this traditional French dry sausage its depth of flavour. Firm yet flavourful.

A pale coloured cured pork loin with only a little fat along one side, gentle smoky flavours run through this.

Subtle flavours and colourful marbling make this one the worlds most traditional and well known salami.


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