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The journey into preserving started back in 2013, our story began when we crafted preserves, chutneys and sauces. Fast forward many years later and I was gifted a “make your own bacon kit”, I followed the instructions and enjoyed the quality of the bacon. However, I did think I could do a better job with the raw ingredients so set about buying in all of the individual ingredients and gaining a copy of the now out of print “Maynard Davies – Secrets of a Bacon Curer”. 

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic I watched lots of footage on YouTube (mainly the Italian ones) and read all of the books on fermentation, dry curing, salumi and charcuterie.  Needless to say that I think we all had a little more time on our hands whilst we tried to figure out what the rest of the year or more would bring. As I’m not the sort of person that likes to sit around (although the though of it appeals!), so having understood many of the safety hurdles, the process of curing and fermenting, it was time to get some specialist ingredients and start having a play in our new state of the art commercial kitchen…

Golden Fork Award With Producer
Slicing Coppa wholesale catering charcuterie

Golden Fork Award

After a few great batches of whole muscle Coppa (pork loin) we decided to enter the Guild of Fine Foods ‘Great Taste Awards’. We were extremely surprised to not only be recognised with an award, but to have achieved a 3 Star Great Taste Award. From the 14,000 plus entries, there was a mere 218 which were awarded a 3 Star Great Taste Award. We were then short listed for a Golden Fork which in the food and drink industry is considered a Food Oscar! So from learning, experimenting and gauging feedback we went from ametuer to charcuterie business in just over a year. Hence why Cureights is now what it is.

Since being awarded the Golden Fork Award, I have personally up skilled by touring Tuscany and learning tips, tricks and some new skills from Italian Norcini (pig butchers). The exciting aspect is that not being bound to tradition we have some really interesting product ideas planned. Watch this space…

Onto 2023 and we have just launched our version on ‘nduja which we have called Midlanduja. It isn’t made in Spillinga so it might was well have it’s own name! Our trials of a couple of well researched products will be launching in Q2. Cureights really does have some exciting and new products coming to market.


Cureights only sources the best quality meat, spices and other specials ingredients. Ideally from as locally as possible and ensuring the best possible flavour. We have been successful in sourcing some terrific pigs locally. Knowing where our pork comes from is important to us and the difference in quality is well worth it. We get pigs from Lordswood Pedigree Livestock and Berkswell (these lucky pigs get fed the way from the Berkswell cheese!). Flavour on Flavour!!! Learning to work with different breeds of pig is also a steep learning curve.

Tuscan Salami wholesale catering charcuterie
Chipotle Coppa On Board wholesale catering charcuterie

Perfect balance of taste and texture.

A really nice example of a Coppa - there is so much going on in this small slice of pork. Building heat and spices work together to bring on a very pleasant fire party in the mouth and throat. The pork flavours remain and aren't lost in the mix.

Great Taste Judges 2021 - Chipotle Coppa

Why Cureights?

The name Cureights simply means to curate, however it also means to cure and outlines the eight main primal cuts of a pig, the seven listed plus the eighth one being leftovers made into salami.

1. Jowl 2. Coppa 3. Spalla 4. Lardo 5. Lonza 6. Pancetta 7. Prosciutto 8. Salami

So if you’re looking to have your taste buds tantalised, you’re in the right place to see how we develop as a new comer in the charcuterie space. Welcome to Cureights !