Salami Workshop April 15th 2023


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Salami Workshop April

What you will learn on the Salami Workshop April – Saturday 15th April 2023:

Selecting the right pork, learn how to process the ingredients and break down each component to allow you to understand the hows and why. From the theory of how making raw meat safe without cooking, understanding molds and bacteria. Choosing the right equipment, method to work safe and knowing the safety hurdles. The Salami Workshop April session is fun whilst also being packed with information.

It is recommended for you to bring a new notepad, we’ll be going over everything from pH, humidity, temperatures, starter culture vs lactic, molds… the list goes on.

A Salami workshop wouldn’t be without a hands on session of making your own salami, how to mix and learning some fundamental tips on tying knots and reducing the risk of failures.  Once the salami you’ve made has finished maturing (approximately 6 weeks) it will be delivered to you for your enjoyment.

By the end of the course you will have more than enough knowledge to not only carry out this craft by yourself, you should have the ability to create your own salami recipes and understand which principles you were taught make the product not only safe but super tasty.

The salami course will end with a Q&A session. The Salami course will last 3 – 4 hours and refreshments will be provided. At the break in the middle of the course there will be Cureights charcuterie to snack on.

salami workshop april