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Chipotle Coppa



Chipotle Coppa - Charcuterie Product of the Year 2021

3 Star Great Taste Award 2021Our first ever 3-Star Great Taste Awarded product. Charcuterie Product of the Year 2021. Chipotle Coppa is dry cured pork loin, air dried and equalised over a several months to give it the best texture and flavour.

Great Taste 2021 Charcuterie Product Of the YearWhat is the Great Taste Awards and how good is a 3-Star Award? Out of over 14,000 products entered worldwide to the Guild of Fine Foods this was one of only 218 products to receive such high praise!

What makes it worthy of 3 Stars? Care and attention is paid to every piece of meat we receive. We then weigh the individual loin, create a very specific rub. It is then massaged all over the muscle to ensure the curing process starts. 

Not only is this a 3-Star Great Taste Award Winner, it’s Charcuterie Product of the year 2021 and won the Golden Fork!

The meat cures for a week or two, we turn the meat and massage each piece to ensure the cure is working as it should do. We check the meat regularly and it is then encased in a natural ox bung. Next we string it up to ensure a cylindrical shape. As the meat dries and matures, naturally forming penicillin forms on the outside creating a safe environment and also helping the drying process.

It’s a long process but the reward is in the taste. We could describe it but doing you a disservice as your tastebuds will tell you better when you get to give Chipotle Coppa a go.

Why not try this Pancetta for the following recipe ideas:

  • Charcuterie Board
  • Pan Fried Scallops
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Seafood Risotto
  • Baked Taleggio


Pork (94%), Salt, Sugar, Spices (Garlic, Paprika, Cayenne Chilli, White Pepper), Chipotle Chilli Powder (0.3%), Preservatives: Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite

Allergy Advice: for allergens, see ingredients in Bold

This product is Gluten Free

Nutritional Information

NutritionPer 100g
Energy822 Kj / 197 Kcal
of which saturates:4.1g
of which sugars1.3g