Midlanduja Scrambled Eggs – Discover This 20g Protein Breakfast

Are you looking for a great tasting breakfast that also delivers a high protein kick you need to get your day started pre-workout? This will certainly liven up your standard scrambled eggs by giving it not only a little spicy kick but a huge hit of protein.

But Midlanduja contains fat as well as meat?

Despite the high fat content, this is a good fat for working out. This is full of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, these are really good for cardiovascular health and have been known to even help with diabetes. Pork fat is actually one of the most nutritious fats around.

Success Making Midlanduja Scrambled Eggs

The trick to making these midlanduja scrambled eggs as good as can be is to use a great bread too, a nice sourdough is our particular favourite. Have a little play around and see how you take this basic recipe and make it your own, perhaps add some fresh green herbs too. You could even add a little chorizo too which will give you a different flavour profile and more protein too!

Midlanduja Scrambled Eggs

Midlanduja Scrambled Eggs

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  • 4 Large Eggs

  • 37.5g (1/2 Pack) Midlanduja

  • 15g Butter

  • 60ml Milk

  • Sliced Toasted Bread to serve


  • Remove the Midlanduja from the fridge if that’s where its been stored to allow it to come up to temperature. Leaving it closer the heat source will help the fats to melt a little prior to cooking which in turn will release more flavour.
  • In a jug beat the egg with the milk until the egg is completely blended. This will take about half a minute.
  • Using a large non-stick frying pan, melt the butter over a low to medium heat until it begins to foam.
  • Add the egg mixture and cook slow and gentle scraping the cooked parts back into the middle of the pan with a rubber spatula. Break up the larger pieces of cooked eggs which will take a moment or two.
  • Add the Midlanduja to the pan and stir with the eggs gently for around half a minute.
  • With the toasted bread on the plate, spoon the eggs on top and sprinkle with a little freshly cracked black pepper.

Why have such a high protein meal first thing in the day?

A healthy pre-gym breakfast and loading up on protein will certainly help, this is the theory of protein timing which is referred to as the anabolic window of opportunity. Consuming protein just before or during a strength workout helps your muscles recover much quicker, this in turn boosts both your muscles strength and muscle size. Try Midlanduja Scrambled Eggs and see if the flavour and protein helps your workout routine. There’s no point getting a fabulous body if you can’t eat tasty food!

This is the theory of protein timing… Anabolic window of opportunity

Carb loading vs Protein loading is worthwhile to understand the difference, it’s useful to know when the body burns the energy from each of these, without going into it all, carb loading is great the night before a workout and protein best just before or during a workout.

So not only will this Midlanduja Scrambled Eggs make you feel mentally great with its amazing flavour but your body will get a great boost too!

scrambled eggs with Midlanduja

Midlanduja Scrambled Eggs – Discover This 20g Protein Breakfast

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