Midlanduja Pizza Drizzle – Make a Tantalizing 3 Minute Pizza Topping

Having learnt a few ways to prepare Nduja, this particular way is ideal for pasta and pizza. By Simply warming the Nduja up with a little honey and lemon it opens up all of the flavours and adds a little level of sweetness the Midlanduja pizza drizzle needs to really sing!

Take Your Pizza to the next level using this method / recipe for our midlanduja pizza drizzle!

Why Heat Up Midlanduja Pizza Drizzle?

Heating this will release more aroma, make the fats go loose in order for you to maximise the spread over and into the pizza base. You could simply take bigs dollops but the flavour won’t be anywhere near as exciting as using this method. If you’ve never had an nduja pizza before, why not?

You can use any sort of honey for this, we just prefer runny honey to speed up the process slightly. The process in this recipe is similar to how you start cooking a Thai curry, brining out the aromas and flavour in a curry paste first. This is exactly what you are doing to the fats, flavours and spices within our Midlanduja.

Midlanduja Pizza Drizzle

Midlanduja Pizza Drizzle

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  • Gently warm a small pan, add the Midlanduja to the pan and over the lowest heat combine the honey and the lemon juice.
  • Mix until you have a consistent mixture that is spoonable.
  • Drizzle this all over the tomato sauce on your pizza before adding the rest of the ingredients. If the mixture gets too thick as it cools either warm it back up or add a splash of warm water to get it moving again.


    midlanduja pizza drizzle

    Midlanduja Pizza Drizzle – Make a Tantalizing 3 Minute Pizza Topping

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