Charcuterie of Warwick

Handmade British Charcuterie

All In The Details

No corners are cut, with the focus being on safety and flavour of the end product.

Quality Ingredients

We only use the best quality ingredients that we are able to source in our products.


Every process is performed with the best tool we have, the best tools are our hands!

Passion & Expertise

Seeking perfection is always our goal, learning new skills and constantly improving.

Great Taste Awards Golden Fork Award British Charcuterie
3 Star Great Taste Award 2021
Great Taste 2021 Charcuterie Product Of the Year

Highly Praised

Award Winning

Chipotle Coppa – The feedback from the Great Taste judges was inspiring. Achieving the success of a Gold Fork Award, considered a Food Oscar’ amongst the Artisan Food & Drink industry.

This was the reason Cureights was setup, just imagine what is still yet to come! This is ‘British Charcuterie’ at its finest.

We loved the texture...

We loved the delicate velvety texture of this coppa and the heat from the chipotle chilli was very well judged, with a lingering warmth as well as a little sweetness from the herbs. Very moreish.

Great Taste Judges 2021 - Chipotle Coppa

Not Stuck To Tradition

Complete Freedom

Whilst the rest of Europe might have been way ahead of the British when it comes to cured meats, they’re generally stuck to traditional methods and products that have been around for millennia. As a relative newcomer to the British Charcuterie scene, we bring fresh ideas. 

British Charcuterie
wholesale charcuterie catering charcuterie Warwickshire Warwick

There is so much going on

A really nice example of a Coppa - there is so much going on in this small slice of pork. Building heat and spices work together to bring on a very pleasant fire party in the mouth and throat. The pork flavours remain and aren't lost in the mix.

Great Taste Judges 2021 - Chipotle Coppa

British charcuterie wholesale charcuterie catering charcuterie Warwickshire Warwick
British charcuterie wholesale charcuterie catering charcuterie Warwickshire Warwick


Wholesale & Catering

Great flavours come with great quality meat, superb ingredients, lots of knowledge and time. Lots of time, and also lots of passion for what we do.

We supply delicatessens, farm shops, restaurants, cafe’s and pubs. For enquiries and information please click the relevant link below.


Proud To Be British

Although we’re not  located in the mountains of Emilia-Romagna or in the side of a castle in the heart of Tuscany, we are however proud to be located within minutes of Warwick Castle and William Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon. Now is the time to put Warwickshire on the map for amazing British Charcuterie.

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Handmade in Warwickshire